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Organic vanilla grown in Guadeloupe

A company committed to the development of sustainable agriculture that respects natural ecosystems. Vanigwa markets 2 species of very high quality vanilla,2020 gold medalist to the sagriculture showin Paris. In partnership withthe NFB, the company develops cultivation systems with minimal environmental impact by favoring natural bio-geochemical cycles. This is how vanilla production fits perfectly into the forest ecosystem of the Basse-Terre departmental national forest in Guadeloupe.

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Cédric Coutellier, self-employed owner of Vanigwa, has settled on the island since 1998 and launched his vanilla production in 2008 by working in partnership with the National Forestry Office (ONF). This great enthusiast has perfectly assimilated the techniques of cultivation, fertilization, harvesting and processing. He has gradually forged a recognized place among the experts in vanilla cultivation in Guadeloupe and regularly participates in training activities to transmit the know-how inherent to this subtle culture. The consecration of this recognition came in 2020 at the International Agricultural Show. On this occasion, Cédric Coutellier presented for the first time his organic vanilla grown in agroforestry in departmental-state forests, within the membership area of the Guadeloupe National Park during the 129th edition of the General Competition agricultural and unanimously won the gold medal in its category (Vanilla Fragans planifolia)

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