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Vanilla in Cooking

Immerse yourself in a taste journey where vanilla intoxicates the most demanding palates. On this page dedicated to gourmet artisans, you will discover the addresses of passionate restaurateur chefs, pastry chefs and chocolatiers who use our exceptional vanilla.

The restaurants

Restaurateurs from Guadeloupe but also internationally are true culinary artists, and vanilla is their ally in creating dishes that amaze the taste buds. These talented chefs carefully select the region's vanilla, bringing an exquisite touch to their creations. Let yourself be seduced by the perfect harmony between vanilla and local flavors.

Pastry chefs and chocolatiers

These gourmet artisans know how to highlight the richness of this spice in their sweet creations. Enjoy exquisite chocolates, divine cakes and refined desserts, where vanilla is expressed with elegance. Let yourself be enchanted by these sweet pleasures that celebrate Guadeloupean vanilla.

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